Cookie Puffs™

What are Cookie Puffs™?
Cookie Puffs™ are Cookie Coated Caramel Popcorn. Cookie Puffs™ come in a variety of different flavors and types of cookies. Our creative development team came up with a unique idea of blending together America's two most popular snack foods, which are Cookies and Popcorn. This idea worked and tasted delicious and alas Cookie Puffs™ were born. Since America has different tastes and dietary preferences, we have developed our Cookie Puffs™ for the Mainstream Snacker, the Natural Snacker and the Vegan Snacker. The result is an addictive snack for all. It is also great as a topping for your favorite frozen dessert!


“Cookie Puffs™” was named 2008 Best New Product at the Natural Products Expo West Show in Anaheim!


Original Cookie Puffs™

Original Cookie Puffs™ are offered in 3 of America’s favorite cookie flavors which are: Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Chocolate Chip. The cookie crumbs of your favorite cookie are coated around hot air popcorn making it a delicious snack with no trans fat. Original Cookie Puffs™ can be purchased in a 4 oz. clear bag, a 4 oz. plastic “to go cup," or a 2oz snack size bag. The “to go cups” are ideal for the cup holder in your car so you can enjoy this tasty snack with a beverage while listening to your favorite radio station or iTunes. They are also great for dessert as a topping on your ice cream or frozen yogurt.


Natural Cookie Puffs™

Lisa’s Natural Cookie Puffs™ are made with the finest cookie crumb ingredients such as evaporated cane juice crystals, barley flour, applesauce, chicory, and grain sweetened chocolate to name a few. The popcorn is air popped making it a tasty natural snack with no trans fat. These Natural Cookie Puffs™ are offered in 4 oz. clear bags and flavors available are: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter. Enjoy them as a topping on your frozen yogurt or ice cream for an addictive dessert.


Vegan Cookie Puffs™

Fabe’s Vegan Cookie Puffs™ (Cookie Corn) are dairy free and are naturally sweetened with no trans fat. The cookie pieces are sweetened with Palm Sugar imported from Indonesia. Palm Sugar is produced from the sweet nectar of island coconut palms. Kettle-boiled over an open hearth fire the nectar slowly thickens into a golden sugar unlike any other. As a result, these Vegan Cookie Puffs™ have a rich dark color and a subtly sweet taste. The cookie crumbs are coated around hot air popcorn. Fabe’s Vegan Cookie Puffs™, (Cookie Corn) can be purchased in 5 oz. clear bags and are offered in four delicious flavors which are: Double Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter. Fabe’s Cookie Puffs™ (Cookie Corn) won the 2008 BEST NEW PRODUCTS AWARD at the Natural Expo West Show in Anaheim. Living Healthy never tasted so good.

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